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but I'm still fond of you...oh-ho-oh

1st Century Palestine

Casting Stones
I've heard people use this phrase often enough, but I think that its users often fail to grasp what it really means. These pictures contain the reality. Red martyrdom isn't a very common experience in America. Although who knows what tomorrow brings.
but still I'd leap in front of a flying bullet for you

Casting Aspersions
This is what people probably really mean. Scourging tongues. Calumny. Defamation. Kangaroo courts. Unjust laws. White martyrdom.
heavy words are so lightly thrown

Casting Couches
Sometimes though we can be a bit dramatic. Our egos, sense of entitlement, and righteousness take over. We become victims of our own attachments as they become coextensive with our person. We cast ourself as martyr and others in the role of victimizer. But this is pseudo-martyrdom. We're not genuine martyrs as martyrs are witnesses, and what are we witnessing to?
the devil will find work for idle hands to do

21st Century Palestine

Stephen intercede for the red martyrs, white martyrs, and pseudo-martyrs.
Stephen intercede for the parish which bears your name.

Manufacturing Consent: Ayn Rand

anti-concept: n. an artificial, unnecessary, and (rationally) unusable term, designed to replace or obliterate some legitimate concepts—a term which sounds like a concept, but stands for a “package-deal” of disparate, incongruous, contradictory elements taken out of any logical conceptual order or context, a “package deal” whose (approximately) defining characteristic is always a non-essential.

Our world abounds with anti-concepts. They manufacture opinion; they manufacture consent. They are rhetorical smoke and mirrors calling out pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Find them. Uproot them.

cars, cars, cars, yeah 1.2


oh, and the roof was a chess board with magnetic pieces.

cars, cars, cars, yeah 1.1

art car: n. a drivable vehicle that has been adorned, painted and/or modified to express some sort of artistic expression. These are usually cars that are covered with anything from beads and mirrors to toys and doll parts, but are only limited by the creator's imagination. See also mutant vehicle.