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Varia: IV

What does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

Wørd I: transgress

§: the revolution would not lie

Transgress means to violate or to go beyond a boundary or limit, and transgression...breaking down old the current fashion in leading cultural, artistic, and political expressions. It is a violation that is applauded...if the correct boundaries are transgressed. Otherwise there is a built in double standard...if the incorrect boundaries are transgressed.

transgress the paleo-orthodoxy = courage
transgress the neo-orthodoxy = hate

so this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause

Wørd: anthropology: n. the study of man

In the anthropology program in college we studied Boaz, Benedict, Mead, Malinowski, Levi-Strauss, Radcliffe-Brown, Durkheim, Mauss, Evans-Pritchard, and Leakey. We framed thought through structuralism, post-structuralism, Marxism, multiculturalism, etc. Ironically though, the question that was never asked there was who and what was this “man” we were studying.

Perhaps such a question is best delved into in a philosophy of anthropology forum, yet it is such an elemental, basic question, and it was a question that was totally avoided. So it seems that the unacknowledged bias/lens through which this whole field of study is processed is totalistic materialism.

with no purpose
no design
with no purpose
no design
with no purpose
no design

Uh, no. Still, my interest lies in understanding the origin, nature, and destiny of human beings…holistic anthropology. Time to unlearn…time to understand the focus of the lens.

Anger: Fireworks

In Fireworks I released all the explosive pyrotechnics of a dream. Inflammable desires dampened by day under the cold water of consciousness are ignited that night by the libertarian matches of sleep and burst forth in showers of shimmering incandescence. These imaginary displays provide a temporary release. — the anger


antipieta of sailor and the anger in storm

Act I: Preparation for the Dream

the anger comes awake to prepare for his dream

broken idol hand

idol of desire revealed

photos of antipieta scattered on floor

the anger begins vesting…casts photos…continues vesting…parallel life sized idol

the anger casts off empty institution and authority

door marked GENTS

Act II: Enter the Dream

the anger awakes into his dream…darkened…in storm


the anger produces cigarette…fumophobic aggression

roaring fireplace…sailor produces bundle of sticks…alights from fire…proceeds to light the anger’s fag…with flaming bundle of sticks

sailor tosses sticks into fire…leaves the anger to smoke


the anger alone with his forbidden pleasure…advanced upon by gang of menacing, fumophobic sailors



milk smashed…desire unleashed aggression

the anger eviscerated…pressure gauge

milk poured…desire unleashed enjoyed

the anger is left on floor…capped…conquered or conquering?

Act III: Return from the Dream

GENTS door opened from bedroom…from the fly of sailor…sparks of one tradition fly

another tradition held aloft…ignites…moves toward babe lord of the dance

tradition hurled into fireplace with burning photos


the anger asleep…repaired idol hand…falls


Wørd is a series to explore semantics, hermeneutics, and memetics.

because social, cultural, and political discourse is a train-wreck...a train-wreck that is gaining momentum rather than slowing down.

because dialogue entails 'two words', not just one.

because a meaningful dialogue can only take place when its participants speak the same language.

because speaking the same language entails

  • having a common and contextual understanding of what words mean
  • having a good faith interpretation of others
  • having the ability to disentangle narratives

The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way, is the one that achieves madness.

Feeds Performance

William Burroughs' cut-ups
Old Man of the Mountain: Hassan ibn Sabbah: Alamut: Paradise: Persia: Hashish: Hashshashin: Assassin: Marco Polo
Mick Jagger: Blues: Rock
Anthology: Jorge Luis Borges

Eats Performance

Coil: Love's Secret Domain: Further Back and Faster
Big Audio Dynamite: This Is Big Audio Dynamite: E=mc2
I like that, turn it up...It was Mad Cyril...We have been courteous...I need a bohemian atmosphere

Performance tastes like

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
You must merge gentlemen.
What's been puzzling you is the nature of my game.
‘Merger’ is heard repeatedly in the dialogue, and Mick Brown points to Borges’s theory that “every man is two men,” realized at the end upon the fusion of Chas (the personification of violence) and Turner (pacifism). In the first half of the picture, gangsters (seen reading Borges on their coffee break!), businessmen and lawyers are so utterly lost in their oppressive performance that single-mindedness has left them homosexual. In the second half, Cammell examines what he called “the interchangeability of gender,” via Chas’s overbearing manliness, Pherber’s domineering femininity, and Turner and Lucy’s androgyny, narcissistic characters approaching the liberation of the female-man and the male-woman, a ‘complete’ individual.Ray Young

Varia: 2_12

Adventures in Success…the NLP Way

...the 1st adventure…
It were pretense sir…and the hysteria that resulted was very real…Mary Warren, you little minx.
Yeah sure, it turned out poorly for Salem, but it needn’t. Better living through pretense…not pretentiousness.

…the 2nd adventure…
Societies of Creative Anachronism…who’s to say that I’m not the king and that I shouldn’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at me…even if she didn’t…
…yet anachronisms can be a bit retrogressive, and time isn’t the only limitation to creatively transcend.

…the 3rd adventure…
You've always had the power to go back...
...close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself. There's no place like Oz. There's no place like Oz.

Mmmmm…garbage wigs

…not in focus? Then you’re not using the right lens.

Varia: II






people are people so
are people so people
people so people are
so people are people

Have you ever seen fire in zero's's like slides all over everything...comes up in waves.

Varia: I

xyz = 1

The Genealogy of Morals…or…Nietzsche, Still Dead. How about the Genealogy of:

death culture

Do you need rooting powder to propagate a meme?

René Girard’s anthropology…by Allison & Wiki…the jury is still out…also, the three modalities in Thomistic anthropology.

the body reveals the person
out of harmony
out of our minds
out of control

elastic love in NoWay Valley

PST: Nathan Fake: I

scared weird little guys
who don't know why
they do what they have to do

darkened two way mirror mind
Garden of Maya exalt Eve
caring sells