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Who are you?

It is human to receive an impression of something, but it is doubtful if anybody ever received a post-impression of anything. —Chesterton

An impressionist painting is a composed of a multitude of colored dots and smears (the metaphorical trees), and when the viewer takes a step back he’s able to see the impression, whether portrait or landscape (the metaphorical forest).

It’s all very beam me up Scotty

First comes the internal impression, then the constituent parts that compose the impression are organized, and then the external impression is conveyed.

Have you seen the hideous results when the transporter malfunctions?

But is it art? No, it’s not just art; it’s all communication

Bits & Pieces Put Together to Present a Semblance of a Whole

Who are you?

Some of your parts
The sum of your parts
Something beyond the sum of your parts

PST series Bumper Stinkers…a.k.a…BS

Bumper stickers…buttons too…are insidious. They are iconic and viral bites of political and cultural manipulation. As forms of speech, they are free, but not freeing. Their messages frame debate in rigid and narrow ways…that stunted debate in turn sets the mind in rigid and narrow ways, and keeps public discourse in bondage.

The BS series is intended to point out the absurdity of stunted speech and thought, especially by inverting it…to document examples……to show how thought is framed…to question the internal authority of the statements…to have fun.

“=” is a bold declarative statement, but what…exactly…is being boldly declared here? This work aims to encourage people to be critical of the implications and inferences of the original HRC bumper sticker.
What are the differences in meaning between equality, equal, equivalent…sameness?

What is being declared as “the same as”…innate humanity, subjective identities, objective behaviors…being versus doing?

The ontological and anthropological debate gets framed inversely, and a questioning of the results of that is then framed as a shutting down thought and expression instead of the opening up that it is.

Is there a correct answer to "="? Is that answer a dogma? How are dissenters to this dogma misunderstood, marginalized, and demonized?

In a larger Dadaist exposition, any combination of mathematical operators and/or punctuation marks will do…more or less…