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But is it Art: III

Premodern art portrayed objects and subjects. Early modern art began the process of deconstructing and abstracting so as to portray the essences of objects and subjects. Later modern and postmodern art then portrayed interpretations of objects and subjects as well as to construct narratives. The meaning became separated from the portrayed form at times to such an extent that an explanation of the work became integral to an exposition of the work.

Enter Transmodern Art

Since it appears that content and form are separable and not dependent on one another, then why have form at all? Let's call it transmodernism, and is it the new direction, or is this merely life imitating artist (simulated reality becoming reality)? Is choosing necessary?

By Way of Introduction

PST, inspired by Mel Gibson and the Pants, is born from the break up of The Three Cocqs on this day...last Friday actually. PST is intended to be a band in the sense that it will produce lyrics, but unlike a traditional band, it will be unlikely to produce music or to perform. It is also envisioned that PST will employ multimedia, where necessary, as an integral rather than supplementary part of its output...essentially a multi modal vehicle.

transcend conditioned limitations
memetic examination
transgress the vogue transgressions
counter revolve…or…re-evolve
frame/unframe : focus/unfocus : filter/unfilter : mask/unmask
mjollnir...the indigo tool

It Begs the Question: I

It Begs the Question: I

Who are you? What do you want? These are fundamental and unwittingly binary questions…light & dark, yin & yang, ping & pong. My thanks to the Vorlons & Shadows.

Frame It Up

What do you want? Do you determine first what your desires are, and then shape your identity accordingly?

Who are you? Do you determine first what your identity is, and then shape your desires accordingly?

Which question you ask will determine your life paradigm, will frame your mindset, and will map your fate.


direct potential
fun delusion
hypnotic operator
dressing up