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Last night I watched...

...Le Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie...a French film by the Spanish Surrealist Luis Buñuel. Interesting.

How old was this movie? I've never heard of it.

1972. It was a film that didn't have a plot so much as a premise, and when it was "fin" I was like, ok...I get it...I think.

Ha ha—that's why Fred doesn't like most French movies. He thinks they're too psychological.

Psychological: true in that what you see is not what you get. That is the motions of the plot were really incidental to what the point was...and the point was rather subtle at that. But also sometimes psychological is equated with complex, and this film was on the contrary rather simple in the end.

It was interesting, because since Buñuel is noted as a Surrealist/Dadaist...and I had seen one of his whacked-out earlier films (Un Chien Andalou — 1929, and that Marxist screed Las Hurdes — 1933)...I was expecting surreal to be trippy and in your face. Instead what it was about was the absurd and absurd situations...representing the absurdity of the bourgeoisie...especially the absurdity of form over content.

There, now I've done it: I gave away the secret.

Hmm, I almost understand what you are saying—