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I gotta new guru

no, no, no, not Ivan Ilyich...

The Death Of Ivan Ilyich
The Cossacks
Katz und Maus
Die Blechtrommel

...but Ivan Illich

His fundamental argument, widely admired in some quarters and ridiculed and caricatured in others, was that once our institutions developed beyond a certain scale, they became perverse, counterproductive to the beneficial ends for which they were originally conceived. The end result of this paradoxical counter-productivity was schools which make people dumb, complacent and unquestioning; hospitals which produce disease; prisons which make people violent; travel at high speed which creates traffic jams; and ‘aid and development’ agencies which create more and more ‘needy’ and ‘underconsuming’ people.

A Turbulent Priest in the Global Village

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